+ What areas do you serve?

Our team members live in both Phoenix and Tucson, and most of the couples we work with have their wedding in Arizona. However, we also travel for destination weddings! Window seats are our favorite.

+ What are your travel fees?

There are no travel fees for weddings in central and southern Arizona (Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tucson). There is a minor fee of $300 for places such as Flagstaff and Sedona. For everywhere else, please contact us for a custom quote.

We are the sister company to Carl S. Miller Wedding Films. Carl started Omega Wedding Films to help make a beautiful wedding video a reality for more couples. Over the years he has trained a talented crew of filmmakers and editors, and those artists are the creatives at Omega. Carl maintains an adminstrative role to ensure each Omega film approaches the cinematic standards of his parent brand.

+ Do you use multiple cameras?

Absolutely. We use between two and four cameras at every wedding to maximize the breadth and quality of our video coverage.

+ How do you record audio?

When it comes to audio, we tend to have backups for our backups. Audio is so crucial and we approach it very seriously. Reliving your vows and hearing every word from reception speeches is such a large part of the value we provide as wedding videographers. Not only are we using super small lavalier microphones to capture high fidelity sound, we're also plugging into the DJ booth and house PA system to record everything they send out. We've got all the bases covered to ensure our wedding videos sound as good as they look.

+ What is the Highlight Film?

+ What are the Documentary Films?

Our Documentary Films document the main events of your day in their entirety. They play in real-time from start to finish, so you don't miss a moment. They are more akin to a traditional "wedding video," with a focus on capturing everything instead of a cinematic editing style. The Ceremony Film starts with the processional and ends with the recessional. The Toasts Film includes all toasts/speeches, and the Dances Film includes the main reception dances (married couple, father/daughter, mother/son, etc.) start to finish. Our Silver Package comes with your choice of one Documentary Film, the Gold with your choice of two, and our Diamond Package with all three.

+ Can I pick the music for my Highlight Film?

Unfortunately, no. All songs are protected by copyright and sync licenses from the major music publishers (which hold the rights to your favorite songs) are insanely expensive. Luckily, we have a couple great resources that we license music from for use in our films.

+ When can I expect to receive my films?

It usually takes around three months before we have your films ready to deliver.

+ What does Digital Delivery mean?

This is the default delivery method that all our couples receive. Once your films are completed, we'll send you a link to what we call your "Online Blu-ray." This allows you to watch your films anywhere, anytime, right from within your internet browswer. You'll also be able to download your films to your computer, laptop, or cell phone. Futhermore, your Online Blu-ray is a very convnient way to share your films with family and friends without having to upload large files or send DVDs/Blu-rays in the mail.

+ Can I order DVD’s and/or Blu-ray’s?

Of course! Custom-made DVDs and Blu-rays are available for $40 ea. and are available for order up to 12 months after your wedding.

+ What is 4k?

Check out this article written by our owner, Carl S. Miller, to learn about 4k wedding films.

+ Are you going to direct us in any way?

Only slightly. Throughout the day we'll have minor requests, such as standing near a window when getting ready for the best light (your photographer is likely to do this as well). We'll also work with you to obtain a handful of cinematic sequences. With a photographer you're posing, but for us we'll have you do simple tasks naturally, such as walking somewhere while holding hands. Obtaining these cinematic shots increases the quality of your film dramatically and allows us to eliminate distracting elements in the frame (a photographer, guest, etc.).

+ Can I purchase the raw footage?

Yes. Please inquire for price.